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Ventura Unified School District Information Technology has created an informative checklist to help you prepare your technology equipment for the summer.
We sincerely thank you for your support as we work to provide a more secure and improved learning environment for our staff and students. For questions, technical support or service requests ask your office manager to submit your work order online or call 805-641-5000x1340. We will do our best to ensure your request is completed over the summer.

If you leave your technology equipment the right way, you should be able to use it much more quickly at the beginning of the school year. Please consider the following suggestions:


1.  Computer Equipment:

  • Please store Short Throw projector pens, remotes, projector USB cables in a Ziploc bag and turn them in to the office manager for safekeeping.
  • Remove batteries from wireless mice and keyboards, projector pens, and projector remotes.
  • Telephones and computers should not move to other classrooms with staff movements.
  • The laptop that was given to you for distance learning stays with you. If you are moving to another school take it with you. If you do not know what device you have? It should start with “ DODLLTPXXXX”
  • Check all equipment for needed repair.
  • Report any technical issues immediately for repair before summer clean up begins.
  • Submit all repair work orders before the last day of school.
  • Dispose of equipment not used and/or broken. We properly dispose of school assets through obsolete removal request. Submit a request for removal.
  • Turn off media devices such as such as computers, CD players, projectors, or television sets, etc.
  • Turn off any iPads you may have.

2.  Passwords:

  • Change your password to prevent expiration over the summer break.
  • Record your usernames and passwords for your network user account, Q Web, Intranet, etc.
  • Network account expires during summer? It can be reset from the district email website in staff.

3.  Computer data & backup:

  • Back up all school related document and data, etc. to your Z:\ drive. It is encouraged that one keeps a backup of one’s files on a personal USB memory drive. There is not a guarantee that data will be on the computer at school startup if the computer is wiped during the summer for new staff.
  • Backup critical documents to Google Drive as a safety net especially if requesting updated Windows and Office software.
  • Want the latest version of Windows and Office? Please submit a work order to request it. We will reset your password if not left with your computer or laptop. We will do our best to complete your request.
  • Go through your email and delete any unnecessary emails. This includes your sent items and emptying out your deleted items.
  • If you are changing locations, move your documents from your hard drive to your Z:\ drive.

4.  Cleanup:

  • We are working with custodial staff in regards to disconnecting equipment for deep cleaning.Leave PHONES, Leave ALL KEYBOARDS
  • Dust your computers and teacher cart using a damp, not wet, cloth or static wipes to wipe off the exterior of all your equipment. Place a dust cover over your computers to prevent collection of dust (old sheets work fine).


End-of-Year Technology Checklist - Click Me


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