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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Special Education is an integral part of the total public education system and provides education in a manner that promotes maximum interaction between children or youth with disabilities and children or youth who are not disabled, in a manner that is appropriate to the needs of both.

Special Education provides a full continuum of program options to meet the educational and service needs of individuals with exceptional needs in the Least Restrictive Environment. 

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255 W. Stanley Avenue, #100
Ventura, California 93001

Marcus Konantz
Executive Director x1123

Diana Montes
Senior Administrative Specialist x1123

Eva Gehn
District Translator x1128

Holly Hussong
Administrative Specialist x1124

Lisa Jacobs
Senior Office Assistant x1119 

Tiffany Lindstrom
Senior Office Assistant x1125

Ember Wyman
Senior Office Assistant x1127

Special Education Team

Program Specialists

Kristin Haidet
Early Intervention Center   

Stacia Helmer
Program Specialist
Moderate/Severe K-12
Program Specialist
Autism, x2905
Program Specialist
Emotionally Disturbed Disabilities, x1137
Kerry Newlee
Program Specialist
Mild/Moderate Disabilities, x1132
Program Specialist
Deaf/Hard of Hearing 6-12



Transition Partnership Program and Workability

Amy Cabral
Job Placement Specialist
Transition Partnership x1131

Antwaine Richards
Employment Training Assistant
Transition Partnership, x1130 

Alana Ridgway
Employment Training Assistant
Transition Partnership, x1129

Sheree Smylee
Employment Training Assistant
Workability, x1133

Behavior Support Team

Peter Aguirre
MS, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Carina Tinker
Intense Behavior
Intervention Specialist


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