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2022-2023 Board of Education Agendas

PLEASE BE ADVISED: As a result of the recent Regional Stay at Home Order issued December 5, 2020, in-person public comment will not be available until further notice. Public comment is available as indicated below.

In accordance with Assembly Bill 361 (Rivera) which allows legislative bodies to continue to meet remotely during a declared State of Emergency subject to certain conditions and Ventura Unified School District’s Board of Education Resolution #22-10, members of the public will continue to have the right to observe the public meeting via and submit public comment in writing at and live (real-time) public comment via Zoom (a unique Zoom link provided on the agenda for each meeting). Both written and live public comment requests are available for Closed Session agenda items and regular session agenda items. Board of Education Velma Lomax, President Matt Almaraz, Vice President Sabrena Rodriguez, Member Amy Callahan, Member Dr. Jerry Dannenberg, Member Dr. Roger Rice, Superintendent & Clerk of the Board Written public comment will be accepted for 24 hours, ending one hour before the start of the Opening Procedure of the meeting. All written public comments received via the designated email address referenced above will be provided to the Board of Education before the start of the Regular Session of the meeting for review. Written public comment, submitted pursuant to the required process, will not be read or summarized but will be made part of the board meeting minutes. ANY WRITTEN PUBLIC COMMENT RECEVIED BEFORE OR AFTER THE 24-HOUR PERIOD WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. If giving a live public comment, the public must use the “raise hand” function of the Zoom webinar at the time of the item they wish to comment on, including general public comment agenda item or other agendized items. Those attending via phone call, which does not allow the raise hand function, will be unmuted at the beginning of the Public Comment agendized item and asked if they have a public comment to share now or for a subsequent individual agendized item. In the event of a service disruption that prevents broadcasting the audio portion of the meeting, or in the event of a disruption within the local agency's control that prevents public comment for members of the public using the call-in option or internet-based option, the Board will stop the meeting and take no further action on agenda items until public access is restored. Any writing or documents that are public records and are provided to the majority of Board Members before the meeting regarding any open session items on the agenda are available via the District website at 21AgendasInformation.aspx

If you have any questions, please contact the District Office at 641-5000 x 1014.

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Meeting Agendas, Supporting Information and Minutes

Regular Board Meeting Agendas

Regular Board Meeting Agendas 2022-2023

Date                                                 Agenda          Attachments     Minutes   Notes
January 11, 2022 Agenda Attachments Minutes Attachments for items 17.a and 17.b were updated on 1.12.2022 
January 25, 2022 Agenda Attachments Minutes Attachment for Item 16.a was updated on 1.24.2022
February 8, 2022 Agenda Attachments Minutes Attachment for item 16.a was updated on 2.4.22
February 22, 2022 Agenda Attachments   Attachments for item 16.a was updated on 2.18.22
March 8, 2022 Agenda Attachments   Attachments for item 14.a was updated on 3.4.2022; attachment for item 16.b was updated on 3/7/22
March 22, 2022 Agenda Attachments   Attachmentsfor item # 14.b and 15.a was updated on 2.23.22
April 12, 2022        
May 10, 2022        
May 24, 2022        
June 7, 2022        
June 28, 2022        
July 12, 2022        
August 9, 2022        
August 23, 2022        
September 13, 2022        
September 27, 2022        
October 11, 2022        
November 8, 2022        
December 13, 2022        

Special Board Meeting Agendas

Special Board Meeting Agendas 2022-2023

Date                                                 Agenda          Attachments     Minutes   Notes
January 5, 2022 Agenda   Minutes  
January 11, 2022 Agenda   Minutes  
January 14, 2022 Agenda   Minutes  
February 2, 2022 Agenda   Minutes  
February 15, 2022 Agenda   Minutes  
March 14, 2022 Agenda      
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