Established 1889

Welcome to Cougar Country! 
Ventura High School’s vision is to prepare our diverse student body for full participation in and contribution to the global society by delivery of high-quality programs and instruction to all students in a caring atmosphere.
Our mission is to develop highly educated, well-rounded students who are excited about learning by providing all students with quality educational opportunities. We aim to engage the aspirations and abilities of all students, nurturing innovation, creativity, and collaboration as students achieve their academic and career goals at VHS. Finally, our goal is to create productive community members and to develop lifelong learners.
Our administrative and teaching staff members are here to help students define and reach their goals, and to help families guide their students towards success in high school and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Marissa Rodriguez, Principal
Mera Clobes, Assistant Principal
Elizabeth Botello-Lopez, Assistant Principal
Bertha Villa, Assistant Principal