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Monday, June 24, 2024

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255 W. Stanley Avenue, #100
Ventura, California 93001
805.641.5000 x1150

Sherry R. Manley

Trish Shelby 
Executive Assistant

Marie Corral
H.R. Specialist - Credential Analyst

Anna Clark
Substitute Coordinator

Nannette Pecel
Induction Coordinator 

Mission Statement

Certificated Human Resources is dedicated to providing multipurpose human resource services to community members and district employees in a positive and accessible environment.  

 We strive to work cooperatively in ways that ensure success in our common goal of educating children. It is our endeavor to deliver quality, innovative services and solutions within the frameworks of the Education Code. Realizing that the procedures of this department can be overwhelming and complex to those we serve, we aim to simplify the necessary transactions and processes where possible. 

By service with patience and compassion, we will ensure that those with whom we have contact will leave this office feeling welcome to return.

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