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Monday, June 24, 2024


255 W. Stanley Avenue
Suite 100
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 641-5000

Ventura Unified School District's Fiscal Services Department works to support and enhance educational opportunities for all students. 

This is achieved by:

  • Managing and allocating resources, through the district's budgeting process, to implement district goals
  • Ensuring accountability and compliance with district policies, State and Federal laws, and the requirements of other agencies, groups and individuals providing financial resources to support the district's mission
  • Working in collaboration with all district departments, students, parents and community groups to provide useful information and reports to assist in setting priorities, decision making and strategic planning to optimize our students' educational experience

Our department issues payments, collects revenues, processes payroll, monitors and reports student attendance, and manages school site and district department budgets.  The district works with external auditors to certify that our fiscal reports accurately represent our financial position.

Fiscal Services Contacts

Business Services, Fiscal Services Name Email Phone 
Accounts Payable Main Contact   
Accounts Receivable Main Contact   
Payroll Main Contact  (805) 641-5000 ext.1222
Purchasing Main Contact (805) 641-5000 ext.1350
Fiscal Services, Director Anna Campbell (805) 641-5000 ext. 1211
Fiscal Services, Facilities Technician Leba Blanchard     
Accounting, Senior Accountant Oscar Lopez    
Accounting, Accounting Technician Vacant    
Accounting, Accounting Technician Vacant    
Accounting, Accounting Technician Mai Kochel    
Fiscal Services, Accounting Supervisor Diana Ellis (805) 641-5000 ext.1212
Accounting, Senior Accounting Assistant Robert Steiminger    
Accounting, Fiscal Technician I Raymond Fajardo    
Accounting, Fiscal Technician I Ivan Hernandez    
Accounting, Fiscal Technician I Angela Bruders    
Accounting, Payroll Technician Barbara Ochoa    (805) 641-5000 ext.1222
Accounting, Payroll Technician Maricela Valencia     (805) 641-5000 ext.1222
Accounting, Payroll Technician Kerry Hornback   (805) 641-5000 ext.1222
Fiscal Services, Purchasing Supervisor Natalie Gerardi (805) 641-5000 ext.1213
Purchasing, Purchasing Specialist Janice Blackwell   (805) 641-5000 ext.1350
Purchasing, Buyer Pam Salem   (805) 641-5000 ext.1350

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New Developer Fees

As of July 1, 2021, developer impact fees will increase to:

Residential -  $4.08 per SF
Commercial - $0.66 per SF

Current Fees July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021

Residential -  $3.79 per SF
Commercial - $0.61 per SF

2020 Updated  VUSD Developer Fee Justification Report

2017-18 VUSD Developer Fee Assessment Study



Education Protection Account (EPA)

The Education Protection Account (EPA) was created in November 2012 by Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, and it was implemented in 2013. The EPA is governed by Section 36 of Article XIII of the California Constitution, which was amended by Proposition 55 in November 2016.

The revenues generated from Section 36 of Article XIII of the California Constitution are deposited into a state account called the Education Protection Account. Of the funds in the account, 89 percent is provided to K-12 education and 11 percent to community colleges.

FY2021-22 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2020-21 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2019-20 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2018-19 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2017-18 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2016-17 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2015-16 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2014-15 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2013-14 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report

FY2012-13 VUSD EPA Expenditure Report


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